What is A Very Special Walk?

A Very Special Walk (AVSW) is the signature fundraising event of Autism Resource Centre (Singapore). Since 2005, there has been different renditions, ranging from walk, concert, carnival and movie treats.
This year, AVSW will flag off a run and a walk, and ending off with a carnival and concert.
The funds raised will be used to help adults with the Employability and Employment (E2C).
The Employability and Employment Centre (E2C) was launched by ARC(S) in 2012. It aims to equip adults with autism with employability skills through essential job training and support to match and place them in suitable jobs. It has been proven that with the right training, placement and support, people with autism can work and be productive.

Q: How do I register for the walk/run?

A: Please register via this link. Please prepare a photo of yourself, size preferably less than 5 MB for your profile page.

Q:How do I register for as a group?

A: For group registration, the first participant will register as a New Group and will receive a Group ID which can be shared amongst other group members at this link. Subsequent group members can register under Existing Group with the Group ID.

Q: What is the minimum age for registration?

A: The minimum age to register is 3 years old. Participants who have registered are encouraged to raise funds for Autism Resource Centre (Singapore).

Q: Am I allowed to bring my children who have not registered for the walk/run?

A: Yes, you could bring along your children along for the walk/run but there would not be any entitlements like T-shirt or goodie bags if they are not registered participants.

Q:What are the categories that I can sign up for?

A:Participants can register for a 7km run or a 3km walk with a nominal fee of $30 and $20 respectively.

Q:What happens after I register for the event?

A: Participants are encouraged to raise funds from their friends and family members to support people with autism.

Q:How would the donations that I raise be utilized?

A: All donations raised would be utilized to support adults with autism by training and placing them in suitable jobs with appropriate job support.

Q:If I am unable to participate in the event, what will happen to the donations that I have raised?

A: All the donations raised will be channeled to Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) to support our adults with autism. No refund of donations would be made.

Q:How can I check on the donations that I have raised and the people who have supported me?

A: You may click on your profile page. The total donation amount that you have raised and all your supporters would be shown on your profile.

Q:Are there any other means of donations if I do not wish to donate online?

A: Yes, you may also donate via cheque. Crossed cheques should be made payable to “AVSW” and mailed to: 5 Ang Mio Kio Ave 10. Singapore 569739.  Kindly provide your name, NRIC number, mailing address, email address and contact details at the back of the cheque.

Q:How can I support a participant who has taken part in the event?

A: You can search for the participant, click on his/her profile page and make a donation from that profile page.

Q:If there is no particular participant who I would want to support, how can I still make a donation to support the event?

A: Yes, you may make a donation to support the event via this link. Your donation will go towards helping adults with autism.

Q:Will there be any tax exemption if I donate to the event?

A: Yes, there will be 250% tax exemption for donations $100 and above. A tax deductible receipt would be sent to you.

Q:When is the participant’s pack collection?

A: The participant’s pack collection would be from 11-14 July, 9am-7pm at The Art Faculty located at 20 Lengkok Bahru, Singapore 159053.

If participants are unable to collect their participant’s packs in person, they may authorise a representative to collect on their behalf. Please download the authorisation form to be presented. Kindly note that the organiser reserves the right to refuse the collection of participant’s packs if the authorisation form is not given or insufficient information is given.

Q:Will there be any bag deposit service at the event?

A: No, there will not be bag deposit service for participants at the event.