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Song Zhi
"Thank you Everyone for your contributions in meeting my fundraising target for AVSW21. It really motivates me to achieve my challenge. Appreciate your continuous support and donation to help Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) which transform my life and many others. Thank you."
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Donation Raised
Target: $1,000.00
Song Zhi's Challenge
run a total of 63 km in 21 days
DateTimeNo. of kmImage
June 18, 202108:593.1 kmimage
June 17, 202111:027 kmimage
June 16, 202103:143.1 kmimage
June 15, 202112:445.5 kmimage
June 14, 202110:507.8 kmimage
June 13, 202111:147.2 kmimage
June 12, 202112:266.5 kmimage
June 11, 202108:353.7 kmimage
June 10, 202110:506 kmimage
June 09, 202111:084.5 kmimage
$3,959.99 from 61 donors
Gong Gong$ 100Proud of you.
Lee Hong$ 10Song Zhi you are awesome
Awareness Hub$ 50Your good heart will bless u 🙂
Makkn$ 50Be Chariots of Fire
Yolanda $ 100All the best, Song Zhi!
Anil Das$ 500All the best, Song Zhi!
Alvina$ 100All the best, Song Zhi! You can do it!
Anonymous$ 500Wow! Keep it up! Great Job!
Wong Kee Yew$ 10Jiayou!

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