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"I have joined the AVSW to support and spread the awareness for the people with autism. This is to ensure that everyone will be treated equally with or without special needs. Donate and Join me for the Challenges!"
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"Join us on a journey to celebrate, embrace and empower neurodiverse people to contribute to their community."
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Target: $1,000.00
Jwchoo's Challenge
burpees a total of 21 times in 21 days
Team Neurodiversity Champions! Challenge
do various types of acts of kindness for 21 times each in 21 days
Write 21 cards to healthcare workers, give out 21 drinks to 21 people and to check in with 21 people
DateTimeNo. of timesImage
May 29, 202108:300 times
$1,000.00 from 9 donors
CCHOO$ 50Yay!!🥰
Cindy Toh$ 50Proud of you.
Bee Lian $ 100Well done, Jun Wei!
小姑姑$ 200💟💟💟
Eng Soon$ 100All the best and enjoy the walk
CChoo$ 100Fighting! 💪💪💪
Johnson Lim$ 100加油
Yu Lin$ 100Give it your all!
Yvonne Tai$ 200Jia you 💪💪💪

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