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"I hope more people will be kind towards people with Autism 😊"
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Target: $3,000.00
Harshan's Challenge
sing a total of 10 songs in 21 days
DateTimeNo. of songsImage
June 21, 202113:253 songs
June 20, 202113:001 songs
June 19, 202112:422 songs
June 18, 202113:304 songs
June 17, 202112:032 songs
June 15, 202115:352 songs
June 14, 202114:043 songs
June 13, 202111:222 songsimage
June 12, 202104:541 songsimage
June 11, 202112:211 songsimage
$3,120.00 from 54 donors
Geetha$ 50
Uma $ 20Awesome work Harshan. Proud of u.
Uncle Ari$ 50Well done, Harshan! Continue helping people. You always have our support.
Angeline $ 65Well done Harshan. God Bless.
Subash Lazar$ 100Harshan is indeed a great talent and he has grown up really well. I am so proud of him.
Connie Leong$ 20Well done!
Ashikin Aziz$ 110Super proud of you, Harshan! Keep on inspiring others!
Yee bin $ 50Well done. Good job
Paul Choey $ 180Well done, Harshan! Proud of you 👍🏼
6B Kids United $ 100Great job Harshan!

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