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"I am 12 years old. Please help me make an impact to create more awareness about autism. "
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"Hi! We are besties who would like to support ARC. All contributions are welcome!"
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Heather 's Challenge
run a total of 21 km in 21 days
Team The BFFs Challenge
fold 21 origamis using recycled paper in 21 days
Write little thank-you notes before sending the orgamis to the volunteers at the vaccination centres
DateTimeNo. of kmImage
June 17, 202110:302.1 kmimage
June 15, 202110:582 kmimage
June 13, 202111:001.9 kmimage
June 10, 202111:102.1 kmimage
June 09, 202111:171.3 kmimage
June 08, 202111:072.1 kmimage
June 06, 202111:122.8 kmimage
June 04, 202110:551.3 kmimage
June 03, 202110:452.1 km
$3,588.00 from 13 donors
Kong Kong$ 100Kong Kong is proud of his granddaughter
Uncle SP$ 500
Rupert$ 200Well done Heather and your BFF!
DLee$ 100Well done!
Ah E Ling $ 200Jia you Heather 💪💪
GodMa’s Dad $ 100God bless you Heather
Granny$ 100Heather keep up the challenge for the good cause.
Ah E Dorothy $ 500Very proud of you Heather! You are doing a great thing!
Ku Ku Jeff$ 888So happy that you are blessing others Heather, just as Jesus has always blessed you.
B$ 100Well done girls! Go for it!

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