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"Participating in something like this is really out of my comfort zone, but I'm doing it with the hope of contributing to a future where my daughter can be understood, accepted, valued and supported. "
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Jianhao's Challenge
sing a total of 10 songs in 21 days
DateTimeNo. of songsImage
June 21, 202112:391 songsimage
June 21, 202111:341 songsimage
June 21, 202110:131 songsimage
June 21, 202104:411 songsimage
June 20, 202123:201 songsimage
June 18, 202111:071 songsimage
June 17, 202103:341 songsimage
June 15, 202108:301 songsimage
June 14, 202121:471 songsimage
June 13, 202117:541 songsimage
$8,600.00 from 53 donors
Atassha$ 100Thank you for sharing with us and raising this awareness. Your efforts is really inspiring. You are an awesome father. And both of you are lucky to have each other. ❤
Lydia $ 25Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Parenting is never an easy journey and it’s been enlightening to learn more about your daughter.
Anonymous$ 25thank you for your sharings! :) really touching how love conquers all in every situation :) all the best!
Anonymous$ 100Thank you for sharing your story! With love like this and from above, there is nothing Esther and your family cannot overcome.
Josh & Kelly$ 100Proud of you dear Jianhao & Juli. You are doing great! Esther is so precious & is God’s beloved. ❤️
Gordon$ 100💪🏻
Wong Siew Fong $ 200
Chao Rong$ 100Good job, JH for the songs!! :) Hope you all are keeping well, Juli and Jianhao! and that both Esther and didi will grow up healthily and happily! :))
sarah$ 100God has a perfect plan for every child 😊
Wee Ling$ 50Keep fighting

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