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"I want to help people during my school holidays. We’re never too young to start fundraise for a wonderful cause 👍🏻 "
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Target: $300.00
MnM's Challenge
dance 1 times daily for 21 days
Basic acro poses I have learnt
DateTimeNo. of timesImage
June 17, 202112:141 timesimage
June 16, 202112:141 timesimage
June 15, 202109:001 timesimage
June 14, 202109:001 timesimage
June 13, 202102:061 timesimage
June 12, 202102:061 timesimage
June 11, 202111:541 timesimage
June 10, 202111:541 timesimage
June 09, 202111:541 timesimage
June 08, 202111:541 timesimage
$1,370.00 from 32 donors
Kylie$ 50❤️
Jasmine $ 20Good job Matilda!!! :))
Alex$ 100Well done!!!
You Tze $ 100You go girl! The world needs more BIG-hearted people like you. Never let 'growing up' take away this kindness and joy for helping others.
Liyan Gan ma$ 30Another 加油 from gan ma!!!
Anonymous$ 10You are awesome! Keep it up!
JARAD$ 10Goodjob!
Uncle Dave & Auntie Huey$ 50Jiayou, meimei!! What a kind and generous heart you have! Keep it up! ❤️
小叔$ 20Good job!
Uncle ZY$ 100Good Job Mathilda, must make daddy do more difficult poses!

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