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Primary 3 Dahlia
"To dive, strive and thrive. Let's do this!"
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Primary 3 Dahlia's Challenge
write a total of 12 encouragements to people in 21 days
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$610.00 from 13 donors
Aqilaarif$ 100Best wishes!
On behalf of Rushdi$ 100A little goes a long way.
Javien Gan$ 20-
Jack Chan$ 20May everyone be protected from the virus!
WXY$ 50Embrace diversity and differences
Anonymous$ 100On be hafl of Ruyi
Ng Bee Lian$ 20Jia you!
Mr Wu$ 30Primary 3 Dahlia, Jia You!!
ASHTON LIN$ 20Have a nice day
Ryfqi$ 20A little by little. A little becomes alot. ☺️

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