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Primary 4 Hopea
"‘It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a child with Autism to raise the consciousness of the village’. Yes, we rock! and spin too this syncs us with the randomness of the universe. Hopea Heroes are excited to join A Very Special Walk 2021 to walk 1km everyday for 21days for an inclusive Singapore! We hear your words and feel your kindness, join our Hopea Heroes mission to fundraise with us!"
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Target: $4,242.00
Primary 4 Hopea's Challenge
walk 1 km daily for 21 days
20 squats
DateTimeNo. of kmImage
$4,499.98 from 44 donors
Reyes$ 50Together, we can do it!
ST $ 50-
Ann$ 20
Ys$ 210P4 Hopea. Justin.. All the way!!! :)
HLY$ 30Wishing you P4 Hopea students all the very best! Keep going and do not give up! 👍🏻💪🏻
Auntie CG$ 100Jia Yu P4 Hopea! All the best!
Elaine Tham$ 100加油! Justin
Kin Mun + Cindy $ 100Awesome P4 Hopea !
Auntie Cindy $ 20You should be proud of this awesome accomplishment !
Khai Yu$ 100Great effort, Pri 4 Hopea! All the best for your project:)

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