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Liak Teng Lit
AVSW Champion
"When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Happy to join AVSW to get going together. The best is yet to come."
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Target: $23,888.00
Liak Teng Lit's Challenge
hundred push-ups everyday and hundred sit-ups, hundred squat-stands and cycle 20km on alternate days in 21 days
DateTimeNo. of unitsImage
$30,708.88 from 81 donors
Kianswan$ 200
UOA Group$ 5000Keep up the great work!
Boon Wan n Jok Kwang $ 1000All the best
Hwee$ 1000Role model !
Chan Mei Peng$ 500
Lim Ho Seng$ 500
Anonymous$ 100Keep it up, I will be the “Nintendo” of healthcare in the West!
Fun & Chong$ 100Thank you for this kind deed. Jia you
Wong Sook Cheng$ 300Jia yu. Mr Liak
Pengsemg$ 100Well Done Lit

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