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Loh Wai Mooi
AVSW Champion
"Challenge for Change - Support AVSW, make a donation please. Together, we can make Singapore an even better place."
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Target: $800,000.00
Loh Wai Mooi 's Challenge
Do this and that and walk as well in 21 days
To see what Singapore has to offer at 5am and beyond
DateTimeNo. of unitsImage
June 18, 202121:001 image
June 17, 202121:001 image
June 16, 202121:001 image
June 15, 202121:001 image
June 14, 202121:001 image
June 13, 202121:001 image
June 12, 202121:001 image
June 11, 202121:001 image
June 10, 202121:001 image
June 09, 202121:001 image
$255,350.53 from 83 donors
Andre Kwan$ 100All the Best
Dora Chin$ 100All the Best
Kimberly Kwan$ 100All the Best
Amanda$ 200Your determination is an inspiration!
P.Y.$ 2500Well done you, for the early wake up and walking. And the fund raising.
Li Choo$ 2000Wai Mooi, you’re an inspiration! God bless you in all that you do.
Anonymous$ 50
Joyce Fernando$ 100God Bless
Me to Self$ 100.53I am trying to round up the overall donation
Me to Self$ 150.01To round up and also to thank all my donors. Your support humbles me. Together we can do so much to make Singapore even better. God Bless

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