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Wesley Loh
"I join AVSW for my beloved autism community and our autism cause which I believe is a worthy cause by autistics for autistics, who are a bright thread in the rich tapestry of life. Neurodiversity is as essential to the human race as biodiversity is to the eco-system. "Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much" (Helen Keller)."
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"Join us on a journey to celebrate, embrace and empower neurodiverse people to contribute to their community."
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Target: $5,000.00
Wesley Loh's Challenge
give 21 packets of drinks to people who matter in 21 days
People who matter can include: eg. cleaners, frontline workers, neighbours, relatives
Team Neurodiversity Champions! Challenge
do various types of acts of kindness for 21 times each in 21 days
Write 21 cards to healthcare workers, give out 21 drinks to 21 people and to check in with 21 people
DateTimeNo. of unitsImage
June 17, 202103:556 image
June 12, 202104:301 image
June 11, 202109:451 image
June 11, 202102:302 image
June 09, 202104:101 image
June 09, 202104:001 image
June 03, 202103:002 image
June 02, 202104:001 image
June 01, 202110:452 image
$4,068.00 from 34 donors
Anonymous$ 20
Eric Chan$ 500Keep it going. Your effort is great
Anonymous$ 50All the best :0) God bless :0)
Anonymous$ 200
Zell$ 20All the best, Wesley. :)
Nancy$ 30
Rowena$ 100You are truly an inspiration. Don’t give up!
Anonymous$ 10
Sherry$ 20All the best!
elizabeth$ 100proud of you Wesley! and thank you

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