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"We had an awesome time last year raising funds and awareness for autism! We can’t wait to champion this worthy cause with some new fur kids in tow!"
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"Asking God to open my eyes to what I can do over 21 days in this neighbourhood! I want to serve the community with one child in tow (Heightened Alert) for each visit and to do something more lasting when this is over. So happy that AVSW21, enables me to care for the cause and others!"
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Target: $30,000.00
Our team will perform customised challenges to raise funds for AVSW2021 in 21 days
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$47,097.99 from 168 donors
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Anonymous$ 100Tsengs + Tans
Audrey$ 200Tsengs + Tans
Sanveen Kang$ 100Well done guys! Lovely gesture.Tsengs + Tans
Geri$ 200Tsengs + Tans
Hongyuan $ 50Tsengs + Tans
Hongyuan $ 50Tsengs + Tans
Anonymous$ 50Tsengs + Tans
Hongyuan $ 100Tsengs + Tans
Hongyuan $ 100Tsengs + Tans
Tess$ 200Great idea :) Barnaby Sisters

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"Up for a challenge in support of a worthy & special cause. Let’s give generously, spread the word & have an inclusive society!"
"Both Mango and Macaroni are senior rescue dogs and they have given me so much joy! They can help remind all of us to be kind and to serve one another. It’s great that they are helping me now to raise money for autism!!"
"Barnaby 1 paints, Barnaby 2 is just coming along for the ride! Together we just want to spread love and awareness for people with autism ❤️ Jiayu!"
"Please give generously, every little bit counts!"
"To bring hope and joy to the world during these difficult times as we appreciate the things we do have like the love of pets, family and friends ; and the beauty in the simple things we often take for granted :)"
"Keep Special Everyone ! Everyone is Awesome !"

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