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Blister Sisters!!!
"Our team is very excited to raise awareness for AVSW, and we would love to have your support, be it through donating or sharing our cause online!!"
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"Hello!! This is my first time participating in AVSW, and I hope to gain your support as we embark on this journey together!! "
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Target: $8,000.00
walk a total of 420 km in 21 days
donors can suggest challenges!
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June 14, 202101:08322 kmimage
$7,958.58 from 63 donors
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Love$ 100LoveTeam
Congratulations, God bless!$ 100Congratulations, God bless!Team
Blister Brother$ 50congrats!!!Team
Congratulations, God$ 100Congratulations, GodTeam
Congratulations$ 100Congratulations Team
Anonymous$ 15jiayouus:)Team
-$ 10all the besttt!!! :-)Team
girls.$ 100Blistered feet but beautiful hearts, we’re incredibly proud of you girls.Team
Anonymous$ 10you guys are awesome, thank you for doing this :) jia you!Team
you$ 100Blistered feet but beautiful hearts, we’re incredibly proud of youTeam

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"Happy to be able to be a bit of help to this worthy cause!"
"hello! I hope to be able to help promote an inclusive society, one (literal) step at a time :) let's donate to this worthy cause together!"

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