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"We are doing our part. What about you?"
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"Doing my small part for this special population. Support my little effort by either donating to the cause or join me by doing your small bit (walk/run/bike etc) too! "
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Target: $7,000.00
cycle, run and walk for a total of 300km in 21 days
In these 21 days, one Chow will cycle, one Chow will run and one Chow will walk to clock the 300km.
DateTimeNo. of unitsImage
June 18, 202103:027
June 17, 202114:5542
June 16, 202114:4911
June 15, 202115:2316
June 14, 202115:2318
June 13, 202115:2314.2
June 12, 202108:1834
June 11, 202111:2824
June 10, 202111:2810
June 09, 202104:1339.3
$6,099.99 from 40 donors
DonorAmountMessageDonated Via
JueHui$ 50Team
Peter Tan$ 200Best wishes and blessings to you and your family!Team
Mayenyse Co.$ 100Jiayou!!Team
Angelia Lim$ 200加油!Team
Grandma$ 200Team
Ad SA$ 100Walk on!Team
Jay$ 100Hey warriors, keep going!Team
Yap CK$ 100Team
Liza$ 100Jiayou!!! Team
yvonne$ 100Behind you all the way - go team Chowism!Team

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"Always Ready!"
"Hello, happy to support! Let's do this together! :) "

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