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"I am glad to be taking part in this!"
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"I am glad to be taking part in this!"
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Target: $300.00
draw a total of 21 artworks in 21 days
we can only draw pokemons!!
DateTimeNo. of artworksImage
June 19, 202111:521 artworksimage
June 18, 202115:590 artworksimage
June 17, 202115:301 artworksimage
June 16, 202113:110 artworksimage
June 15, 202110:471 artworksimage
June 14, 202114:210 artworksimage
June 13, 202115:171 artworksimage
June 12, 202112:570 artworksimage
June 11, 202105:371 artworksimage
June 10, 202114:580 artworksimage
$740.00 from 23 donors
DonorAmountMessageDonated Via
Oshawott $ 100Oshawott Oshawott...Team good jobRonda Chung
黛菁$ 20加油!Team
Snow$ 10真棒👍Team
Mummy$ 20Mummy support and love you always ('v')Fenella Kim
Edwin Foung$ 30替你感到自豪!Team
Tai Po$ 10金叵罗Fenella Kim
Tai Gong$ 10捏你的脸蛋Fenella Kim
Cheong$ 20Great job!Fenella Kim
Fong Yoke San$ 20为你感到骄傲!Fenella Kim
Ting$ 20加油Team

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"i am happy to be able to take part in AVSW 2021! "
"Hi ! I’m excited to participate in this challenge again "
"So excited to join this program for the first time!!!"

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