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"Hi! We are besties who would like to support ARC. All contributions are welcome!"
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"Hi I’m happy to be part of AVSW2021! Any contribution will help!"
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Target: $2,000.00
fold 21 origamis using recycled paper in 21 days
Write little thank-you notes before sending the orgamis to the volunteers at the vaccination centres
DateTimeNo. of unitsImage
June 19, 202101:510 image
June 18, 202113:303 image
June 15, 202101:254 image
June 11, 202110:005 image
June 09, 202114:003 image
June 09, 202107:578 image
June 08, 202113:303 image
June 07, 202110:503 image
June 06, 202107:054 image
June 06, 202103:128 image
$5,668.00 from 28 donors
DonorAmountMessageDonated Via
SW Chiong$ 200Good job, Kate! Keep it up!LMK
Aunty Li Choo$ 230Awesome origami! Good work BFFs! Well done, Kate!Team
DC$ 50Good work, Kate! Team
Kong Kong$ 100Kong Kong is proud of his granddaughter Heather
Nemo daddy$ 100Good job with the gogreen effort!LMK
姑姑$ 100Proud of you! Great job!Team
Uncle SP$ 500Heather
Shuyi$ 100Well done Kate and BFF HeatherTeam
Rupert$ 200Well done Heather and your BFF!Heather
嫲嫲$ 100加油敏敏!Team

Team Members

"I am 12 years old. Please help me make an impact to create more awareness about autism. "

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